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The Walking Dead (2010)

- Drama | Horror | Thriller
IMDB Rayting:   8.6/10
Country: USA
Language: English

Police officer Rick Grimes leads a group of survivors in a world overrun by zombies.

Stars: Andrew Lincoln Jon Bernthal Sarah Wayne Callies


Season 11

August 22, 2021Episode 1 Episode 1

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I've been attention this since 2010. I HAVE AFFECTION justcars FOR zombie movies. Break of The Dead is my darling. Back in the in period of the year 2000 there were several enormous zombie movies. In this age they are dread. More fire-arms, without contents characters, and explosions plus bad scripts than anything else. How in the nature TWD transformed into a Steven Seagal movie? I remember the outset was so thrilling ? suspenses, a history, characters that watch movies online you cared about, scary zombies. But after period of the year 3 or 4 everything turned into fire-arms and clan warring clan. Low-priced scripts, retarded dialogues, straitened CGI. Take any incidental narrative from period of the year 4 on and you can broadcast it on a low-priced TV place as "disport" movie. No one would tell the disparity. Right now you cannot solicitude about any mark. Bad actors that disport as much as the trees in the background die by the twelve by each incidental narrative. Flashbacks and "emotional" (incapable of speech) dialogues want to make us solicitude about someone. But you can't. Zombies do not body anymore, only seldom when they on a sudden body. It is either this statue of them youjizz as "pests" most of the duration, or fatal killers out of a unanticipated.Best site for watch series free online.